Rabu, 16 Februari 2011


Stanzino Womens Floral Bodice Halter

Stanzino Womens Floral Bodice Halter

This really is a one size fits all item. I have 5'3 and 155lbs so I am a curvy lady! This dress hides all that and makes me feel super cute in the warm weather. They are a little short which my boyfriend dislikes but I just slap some tiny shorts underneath in case there is some wind lol and we are on our way. They look so cute with flip flops but you can also wear them with some cute dress shoes and a shawl. Its very versatile! I would say curvy or not this will fit. I let my friend who is 5'3 and 120lbs borrow this dress and it looks so cute on her too. I'd say it surely is one size fits all if we BOTH look good in it :) One this is if you have small breasts it will make it look smaller. I have larger boobs and it makes them look small. This is not something I am worried about but some may be. Also you NEED a bra. I'd say a strapless but up to you! Without it, everything will show. Also a nice thing, at the beach this can go right over your bathing suit, untie it and slip it down and you are ready for the water. So honestly I love it! So many uses! Wonderful for the price and it is a nice fabric, not itchy like most.

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  1. This dress is gorgeous it fits perfectly and the material is breathable. I was going to buy a different one but i'm very happy i went with this dress. Can't beat the quality and the quick delivery.