Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

A unique jewel!

Blue Mermaid ebook

Blue Mermaid ebook

This book is a jewel. Targeted for young(er) audiences (than me, but I'm well past the school age years), it's an entertaining read for all ages. I felt myself feeling like I was part of the ocean, like a kid again dealing with school and all that goes with it (except for maybe the dolphin in my pool). Seventh grader Meredith wakes up in her swimming pool with no memory of how she got there, only strange visions of mysterious ocean creatures and a dolphin named Blue that tells her she's a mermaid destined to stop a pair of warring sea rulers who literally move the sun and stars in their quest for power. Meredith is a synchronized swimmer, and I love how the writer made me feel like I was in the water with Meredith and her team. It's an unusual, unique, and fun story, and I couldn't stop reading until the end. I'm hoping to see more of Meredith in her future school years. Highly recommended!

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  1. I really don't know where to begin with how much I loved this book. This was the first middle grade book I've read in a very long time, and it was amazing. Miranda weaves a tale of friendship, good food and magic in each of her stories, and this one did not disappoint. I can't wait to read her next book.

  2. There's a legend that the oceans and seas were once ruled together by a King and Queen. The Queen ruled the waves and wind and shallow waters, and the King ruled the stars, moon, tides and deep sea. They quarreled constantly, but they got together one time, and the King scattered 13 stars in the sky, and the Queen scattered 13 shells in the sea. When all the stars found all the shells, the King and Queen would rule together.

    Or something like that. I'm not as lyrical as Miranda.

    A girl named Meredith, and called Mer-e-maid, is a few days short of her 13th birthday, and things are getting really weird. She's the captain of her synchronized swim team, so obviously a great swimmer, but of late she has been waking up in her family's swimming pool. Add to that dreams of black tentacles coming up out of the pool drain to grab her, and Meredith is rather distressed. Then one morning she finds a talking dolphin named Blue in her pool. He's there to protect and guide her, as is the old lady in the white gauzy dress with the long grey hair. Strange things are happening all around Meredith, and even her best friend's support can only go so far. When a new boy moves to town and is put on Meredith's synchronized swim team a few days before the final meet (which also happens to be her 13th birthday), everyone around Meredith is smitten, although she's horrified, certain that he's part of some sort of plot from which Blue is trying to protect Meredith. Miranda writes great, detailed descriptions of characters and settings, which help the reader to picture what's going on, without the details going an overly long time and becoming oppressive or a hindrance to enjoying the book.

    This was a lighthearted, nice book. It's a good read for a restful weekend (but probably not at the beach), and it's one that anyone from a young teenaged girl through adult could read and enjoy.