Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Beautiful and Simple

AA45 Embroidered Sleeveless Smocked Spaghetti

AA45 Embroidered Sleeveless Smocked Spaghetti

Just arrived today! I received it within 3 days, ships from California, and I live in Ohio. It's very nice... If you like to feel secure, this is a great product... It's thin, and lace, but coverage is very nice.. And it's very comfortable... Arms are very long, which is nice for tall lengthy women like myself. I got a 2x, because I'm a plus size woman/model, and I wanted it to be loose enough and long enough and it fits perfect. It forms to you, but not tightly or irritatingly. The back just goes down far enough to cover the shoulder blades, and has an elastic band through the bottom, to give stretch and shaping capabilities. I saw a comment before I bought it, about it not covering the breasts, it's not designed to, so don't expect it. It's designed to create shape around the breasts, while giving an elegant amount of coverage for the arms and shoulders. It's a very nice product. I would highly suggest it to any woman.

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  1. This dress is great for summer! It is slenderizing ladies! I got the purple and it is really cute. I wore it with a lightweight black sweater and it looked good; got many compliments. The white on the bottom stands out.